Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Doctor Says I Can Keep My Finger!

Well, I took a good look at my finger when I was at the good doctor's office yesterday. Both he and the nurse were giving me looks for the sheer stupidity of what I did to cause the injury, but I've been doing that to myself since it happened, anyway.

In short, it was a good clean injury, in that there was no contaminants in there to pull out. I remember bleeding like a stuck pig for many hours when it happened, so I don't see where anything could've stayed in there anyhow.

I was correct about the depth of the injury (a couple millimeters shy of the bone), which was good in that we won't have to worry about infection getting into the bone. Of course the downside is that I'm pretty much assured that I will not get full feeling back to that part of my finger. It won't be as nerve-wrackingly numb as it is now (anybody who's ever lost total feeling in a part of their body knows exactly how unsettling and hard to get used to that is), but there will be a nice little divot at the end of my finger to commemorate my stupidity.

While I'm in the process of healing, I'd like to thank all of you who've left your kind comments lately, and the many more of you who have just been sending me your good healing vibes. It's all been very helpful. As soon as this sawdust-absorbing gauze comes off, I'll be back in the workshop again. These projects aren't exactly completing themselves!!


Gypsycaster said...

Whwe! I'm glad you're going to be ok! I can't picture etsy without you1 I know I'm pretty quiet mostly, but I was following your story and I'm VERY glad you're on the mend. As for the numb spot, I have one on my big toe. (don't ask) And while it's a wierdness to be sure, it's not too bad.
Because you're a wood worker tho...just remember it's there!
Warm fuzzies to ya.

Smile Moon Woodworks said...

Thanks, Gypsy! Glad to hear from you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to hear your injury didn't go into the bone and that it will heal. The lack of feeling is a sad effect, but better than what could have happened. I hope it heals quickly!

HandiCrafts said...

Ahhhhhhh holy cow I'm glad you can keep your finger! Hope you feel better -- pronto!!! :)

We have a similar agreement in my house. One time I was being far too cheap and trying to clean a toaster oven that my roommates totally trashed on me. I was convinced that I could clean all the burned off junk out of the bottom tray and not have to buy a new one. In the process, I sliced open my hand. Luckily Rob was on his way to visit me and he took care of my bleeding. Needless to say, the toaster was THROWN in the trash after that!

HandiCrafts said...

I've given your blog an award. :) See my blog for details!

muffintopdesigns said...


you need to be careful, my man! holy cow! it better not be your coffee holding hand.


p.s. i'll check into the B vitamins when i go to the doctor on Monday. thanks for the tip, gimp!